We like the challenge involved with each new client project. No two projects are ever the same. The fix may be commonplace, but the path to get to the right solution may take some time and creative thinking. We will not back down from a challenge, and we will make sure the fix stays around for the long run. To ensure the longevity of what we do, we are constantly evolving with the technology available. We want to fix things faster, more cost effective, and have it last as long as your home does.

Over time and with each new project challenge, we learn more. We bring on new materials and methods improve … as housing developments and materials improve, so do our problem solving and solution options. There are always new challenges, and always new ways to solve them. Let H20 Drainage Solutions solve your basement waterproofing issues.


We leave job sites clean … as we take great pride in our work from concept through completion. You won’t have to worry about anything left behind to cause harm to you, your kids, or pets. We will treat your home and family like our own, and want to make sure your home is a safe place in all aspects, for years to come.

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