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H20 Drainage Systems uses state-of-the-art modular systems to create the best fit and best solution for your drying needs.

PolyDrain® is a drainage channel made in modular, pre-sloped sections from polymer concrete.  Combine the interlocking sections to create runs of almost any configuration and length.  In addition to its versatility, with precision pre-casting, you get a high-quality product that requires less onsite labor.  The PolyDrain trench system is well suited fit a variety of surface applications.  These trench drains offer more reliability, easier maintenance, cheaper installation. They lower cost since they simply snap into each other to create a perfect pitch at any run length.  Polymer concrete is not degraded by salt, oil, most acids and alkalis, and offers UV resistance.  These drains are perfect for sidewalks, auto shops, basement flooding control, and food processing applications.
Baughman High Octane Tile isn’t a flooring piece, but more of a pipe to help move water and waste away from the home.  The most common ways to help prevent basement flooding is to ensure that your downspouts don’t drain next to the house. Instead, they should route runoff several feet away, specifically pushing to a downward slope away from the home for heavy rains.  Standing water around the house will eventually erode the foundation supports causing sinkage. The more water one can push away from the foundation is best.  Some other good applications for water control and movement away from the foundation is the use of window well draining, driveway culverts, preventing standing water in low spots, and foundation drains.
Hydro-Channel creates a thermal break between the footing and the basement floor.  It’s extra-wide to allow footing/slab separation which will help reduce cracks in the basement flooring.  It protects the cold joint, the area where the floor meets the wall, from water seepage.  Hydro-Channel products are easy to install. They will not create structural problems for the floor or foundation. They don’t interfere with crews when pouring concrete. Hydro-Channel provides a reinforced sturdy channel that will not collapse during the pouring of concrete.

Flexible water diverter

8-Slot single wall corrugated pipe

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H20 Drainage Systems uses state-of-the-art modular systems to create the best fit and best solution for your drying needs.  We use PolyDrain® , The Baughman High Octane Tile , and The Hydro-Channel .

Kelly Ignace
TC homeowner
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Nick solved my odd 1950's basement problem! Expedient, polite and knowledgeable. He's honest, and gets things done!
Adam Steffens
TC homeowner
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Great work and very personable! Will be using again and recommending to others
Jim Kelly
Owner Kelco Construction
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Thank you Nick for the great Job. Highly recommended!!

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